Mountain chalet Lusitania

… welcome to the Jizera Mountains!

Tips for outings

The Lusitania mountain chalet is located at a natural crossroads of several hiking trails with Sokolská Street. From here, you can set out on tours in four different directions. The nearest destinations include a monument to the 1916 dam failure along the Bílá Desná river (1 km), the Sovín farmstead (1 km), and the hamlet of Novina (2 km). You can also climb the 365 stone steps to the hamlet of Mariánská Hora, where you will find a chapel and a plaque dedicated to Friedrich Schiller (4 km). Other destinations include the “Jizerská Magistrála” ski trail in Albrechtice (5 km), the waterfall on the Černá Desná river (3–4 km), or Souš Reservoir (5 km)

The Jizera Mountains naturally have an endless range of options for day trips, and even bad weather doesn’t mean you have sit at home being bored. For more information, we recommend the following links: